Container rental

We have open and closed containers of various sizes, as well as sealed containers for the transportation of contaminants.

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Transportation of roll-off containers

With our fleet of vehicles, we can transport single or double roll-off containers.

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Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

We buy various ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as batteries at our transhipment site.

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Residual waste management

Thanks to our fleet of garbage trucks, we collect residual materials at residences and businesses. We offer a transhipment site for recycling.

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The Compact-Thor Prototype in Constant Evolution!

Round baler for biomass and waste

  • Rapid Deployment

    Immediately upon arrival on-site, our baler is ready to start operating!

  • Space Saving

    Thanks to waste management using bales, waste takes up to five times less space. Compression rates are between 400 and 600 percent depending on the material.

  • Mobile and Autonomous

    The Compact-Thor is easily maneuverable on work sites and gets the job done with minimal supervision.

Our Baler in action!

The Compact-Thor improves Waste Management practices. In the form of bales, waste is reduced in volume fivefold. This allows for several advantages depending on the method used to dispose of the waste.

Expertise and Mandates

We offer our services throughout Quebec’s Far North.

The town of Chibougamau-Chapais

We take care of the selective waste and recycling collection, buy metal, scrap metal and batteries, and offer container rentals and the sale of garbage bins.

Renard Project diamond mine

Since 2014, our company has handled the management of residual waste for Stornoway Diamond’s Renard Project mine. We provide them with a turnkey service.

Municipality of Wemindji

Our services are offered throughout Quebec’s Far North. Among other things, we collect their recyclable materials, which we pick up for the municipality using roll-off trucks.

Municipality of Waswanipi

Since 2013, we provide them with a closed container rental service for their recyclable materials, which we also sort. We collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals and provide them with transportation.

For over 20 years!

Learn more about our expertise in Waste Management, which includes handling contaminants, hazardous materials as well as logistics and transportation to landfill sites.