Minimize your impact on the environment

  • Mining Sector

    We know that players in the mining sector have to deal with a variety of constraints. While Quebec’s prosperity relies increasingly on the extraction of riches from the earth, the complexity of economic, social, logistical, environmental, legal and technological issues represent big challenges for companies operating in this growing sector.

    The experience we have gained from several major projects has given us insight into the conditions under which you operate. In addition, organizations that team up with us appreciate our systematic approach. This makes Groupe Ungava a particularly strong partner. For us, it is not only a matter of carrying out the tasks related to the disposal of waste, but of developing the best strategy given your unique situation.

    Our expertise allows us to offer turnkey services for industries in the mining sector. These comprehensive Waste Management solutions include handling contaminants, hazardous materials, installing portable toilets and transportation to landfill sites.

  • Transportation

    Thanks to our fleet of vehicles and roll-off containers, we can go directly to our customers’ sites in order to deliver the containers required for a contract. We can transport single or double roll-offs.

  • Rental of Containers

    We have over 300 containers of various sizes that are available to meet your needs.

    We have 2, 4, 6 and 8-yard open containers, 10, 20 and 40-yard roll-off containers and 20-foot closed containers.

    Also available, we have 20-yard leak-proof closed containers for the transportation of contaminated materials.

    We can increase our inventory to meet your needs.

  • Purchase of Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals and Batteries

    We are a transhipment site for various ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as batteries. We can purchase the following materials in order to bring them to the appropriate sites.

    • Ferrous Metal: cast iron, iron;
    • Non-ferrous Metal: aluminum, copper, sheet metal, brass;
    • Batteries.
  • Demolition

    Following an on-site visit, we will evaluate the possibility of carrying out the demolition of a home, building, etc.

    Our machinery adapted for this type of work ensures that work is done quickly, cleanly and professionally.

  • Waste Collection and Recycling

    Thanks to our fleet of garbage trucks, we collect the residences and shops.

    We offer a transhipment site for recycling. We therefore carry out a selective collection of recyclable materials which we then send to our suppliers who carry out the automated sorting of these.